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Culture is a mirror where a person sees himself.  What he sees, depends on is it one mirror or a lot of mirrors, is it a broken mirror with the fragments glued, a clear mirror, crooked or hazy. In a culture man sees himself not as an object, but his human subjectivity … In culture a man has the opportunity to see the inner self „
Igor Kalinauskas. Quote from the book „Rehabilitation of the Soul“

One can consider that the beginning of Igor Kalinauskas art gallery is in “Stiklo karoliukai” („Glass Beads Gallery”) that was active in 2001 – 2004 in Vilnius Uzupis district that due to its rich art activities is often call Lithuanian Montmartre. Led by designer Virginija Kalinauskiene “Stiklo karoliukai” gallery took active part in Uzupis cultural life and organized over 30 exhibitions, art actions, presentations of books. After the “Stiklo karoliukai” gallery was closed, its art manager Jolita Zykute established public institution „Actus magnus“, that was active as an art gallery between 2008 and 2012. More than 40 exhibitions were organised.
Since September 2016 the art gallery idea was taken by Igor Kalinauskas art gallery that is situated in the premises of former “Actus magnus” gallery. Its leader V.Kalinauskiene is also active in Russia Kazan as an art director of INK gallery.

Igor Kalinauskas art gallery will be aiming to reveal the inner potential of the man. It will present various Lithuanian and foreign artists but the focus will be placed on the rich inner world instead to the academic achievement. Gallery is open to experienced and young artists, talented art lovers bearing in mind the most important criterion – that the creator is an interesting person who is able to enrich the viewer.

INK Igor Kalinauskas


Igor Kalinauskas is a unique personality breaking standard rules. He is an artist, musician, writer, psychologist, philosopher, professor, theater & film director. His books about philosophy and phychology are published in six languages more than 200 000 copies.

His works can be relatively divided into 3 groups: portraits, landscapes and abstract paintings. Lithuanian art historian and cultural philosopher Algis Uždavinys observed, „Some pictures of I. Kalinauskas are full of childish naiveté close to the so-called Western Primitivism painting of the XX century. But at the same time the artist is searching for a deeper philosophical meaning… his pictures can be regarded as the special means for meditation, or incitements to search for the secret doctrine concealed behind the primitive surface.“

I.Kalinauskas had more than 30 exhibitions in different countries including USA, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania. As an artist, he is known under the pseudonym INK.

Art critic Konstantin Doroshenko defines the genre, which employs Igor Kalinauskas as Visionary art.

Official website of Igor Kalinauskas www.uigoria.ru (Russish / English)
Official website of Igor Kalinauskas for Lithuania www.igoriskalinauskas.lt
Detailed presentation of artist Igor Kalinauskas www.igor-kalinauskas.com
Paintings by INK (Igor Kalinauskas) www.paintingsbyink.com
Catalogues of Igor Kalinauskas paintings:
„Ah!“, „WOLF“ Publications, London, Great Britain, 2012
„Igor Kalinauskas – paintings“, Moscow, 2002


Igor Kalinauskas art gallery
Pilies g. 36 – 44 (entrance through a narrow arch to the yard of the Pilies 36 house), Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone + 370 603 19 160
Working hours VII 12 a.m. – 4 p.m. or at time arranged by phone!

If you wish to get in touch, please, give us a call or send us an email  inkgallery @ gmail.com


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